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Summer Gardening Tips

“Summertime is always the best of what might be” – Charles Bowden.

There’s nothing quite like an English summer; the sweet scent of freshly mowed lawns, a garden full of busy wildlife, long al fresco evenings and flowers aplenty. It’s the season where you can take great pride in your garden, and all your hard work really pays off. Whether you like hosting, relaxing or playing, it’s the best time of year to enjoy your very own outside space. For many, gardening in the summer is a real pleasure, not a chore.

Lawn tips

Summer can be the busiest time of year for mowing, but it’s vital not to over-mow your lawn to reduce the stress and potential damage during the hotter months. While mowing regularly is necessary (about twice a week or once a week during a drought), alter your mower blade setting to give a higher cut.

During dry weather, your lawns’ appearance can quickly deteriorate so try and water with a sprinkler 2-3 times a week if possible. The ideal time is early morning; avoid evening watering which can encourage fungal disease growth due to an extended period that it remains wet and damp. Another good tip is to leave the grass cuttings on the lawn every now and again; this will help your lawn to preserve moisture.

Giving your grass a good regular feed will also help it to stay strong, healthy and luscious. You can also treat your lawn against weeds and moss which compete with your grass for moisture and nutrients.

Keep your mower blades sharp!

Keep the pests at bay

Insects get busy in the summertime, so you need to be prepared and ready to guard against them. Use the RHS Pest Guide to help deal with unwanted critters in your garden.


This gardening task might seem tedious, but it not only keeps your garden looking good, it also keeps the plants strong. To keep your flowers blooming and performing at their best, deadheading is an essential gardening task. Roses will repeat beautifully if you keep snipping those dead flowers. Just a few minutes a day will keep your garden in bloom for the length of the summer.

Dead flowers will encourage pests and fungi, so it’s essential to keep on top of them.

Divide and conquer

Near the end of the summer start thinking about dividing your spring and summer shrubs to prevent them weakening. Dig your flowering shrubs out with a spade and divide the plant up, keep them at least as big as a fist. Dividing your plants is an excellent opportunity to remove dying roots.


When it comes to weeding, little and often is all your garden needs to keep it looking healthy and neat. Staying on top of it reduces weed-overwhelm. You can help to deter weeds by applying plenty of mulch to beds or use weed mats on your veggie patch. Cultivating is key.


Many gardens need to improve the health of their soil with fertiliser to ensure plants and flowers have enough nutrients to reach their potential. Choosing the right fertiliser for your garden is essential so do your research or ask an expert for guidance.


Make the most of the long summer days by enjoying your garden. Sit back and relax and take the time to appreciate the real beauty of the surrounding landscape. Walk barefoot and tune in to your surroundings, just being outside is good for your mind, body and soul, so don’t forget to enjoy it.

Tune in to your senses; listen to the birds, watch the busy bees, smell the flowers, taste the fruits and touch the grass. It’s a great time of year to appreciate the fruits of your labour fully. So, stoke the BBQ, chill the wine and make the most of this sublime season before the Autumn Shutdown commences.

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