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Spring Opening Tips


“Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.” – Lewis Grizzard.

There’s nothing quite like the first days of spring; the sound of birdsong, new buds bursting from the soil and a feeling of optimism for the happy season ahead. After a restful winter, it’s time to step-up the gardening and feel the dirt between your fingers once more.

Freshly mowed grass

That first whiff of freshly mowed grass is one of the most nostalgic moments of early spring. The first cut of the year is a real season opener and you’ll have an extra spring in your step knowing that longer, warmer days are coming. If you didn’t get the chance to have your mower serviced and blades sharpened at the end of the autumn then now’s the time to do it to ensure it’s in tip-top condition. Sharp blades mean a sharper cut and a healthier lawn.

A hearty feed

Your garden will be crying out for a good feed by spring. Nurture your beds after a long winter by removing any mulch and working in organic compost into the top layer of soil. Adding manure now will also give your plants a strong spring boost. Alternatively, generously feed your planting borders with a good fertiliser by sprinkling all over the soil and at the base of plants. Don’t forget to re-mulch when you’re done!

Second chance to prune 

Don’t fret; it’s not too late to squeeze in a prune. For any fruit trees that missed out on a winter prune, now’s the ideal time. For a fuller crop, prune back before buds bloom.

If you left your ornamental grasses standing for winter interest cut them back to the ground now, before new growth appears.

Planting know-how

Planting needn’t be a minefield. Now is the best time to plant up your perennials and certain summer-blooming bulbs. Be sure to kick-off any indoor seeding early spring. We highly recommend the RHS for further tips on specific plants.

Veggie time 

To ensure you have a full crop of veggies in summer and autumn, now’s the perfect time to sow your veg patch. Clear the weeds, fork over the soil and sprinkle with fertiliser to get the most out of your soil ahead of sowing. Wait for seedlings to have an inch of growth before you thin them out.

Spring bulbs

By the end of spring your spring bulbs will have finished flowering so dig up and divide the bulbs, remove dead flowers and leaves, and replant them separately ready for next year.

Spring clean

It’s not just your homes’ interior that needs a good spring clean, your garden does too. Get the jet wash out and spruce up the terrace, patio, pots and furniture – you’ll be amazed at the difference.

There’s something very special about watching the fruits of your labour take shape and bloom into a beautiful spring garden before your eyes. Enjoy the warmth of the spring sunshine and the new vitality spring gardening brings. For those of you who are already looking ahead to summer, take a look at our Summer Gardening Tips.

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