Alt - How your garden can increase your property value

How your garden can increase your property value


Thinking of selling? An investment in your garden could reap the rewards.

According to research by Post Office Money, landscaping your garden could increase your property value by 77 per cent, adding more value than any other feature, including a new kitchen, extension, or gym.

Post Office Money conducted over 2000 online interviews with UK homeowners and found 18 per cent had, in the last five years, had their gardens landscaped, with 28 per cent of them choosing to do it to increase the value of their property.

Here are our top 10 tips to help maximise your property value:

  1. Low maintenance is more appealing – too much upkeep can be off-putting to potential buyers and can affect the valuation price.
  2. Space is a big one – people want space inside and outside. Sheds, garden rooms/offices and outbuildings are hugely appealing and a sought-after feature.
  3. Privacy and safety increase property value. Good fencing, walls or large, established plants/hedges are a huge plus.
  4. Just as you would the interior of your home, clean up the exterior. Mow the lawn, tidy beds, jet-wash patios and paths. First impressions are everything!
  5. A useable seating/dining space can make a real difference. The majority of people use their garden for relaxing and dining so offer them that space.
  6. Paving is preferred to decking. Decking can look weathered, become slippy and cheapen the look of your external space. A good quality paving installation will stand the test of time and is an easy base for furniture requirements.
  7. Lighting is a great addition to improve the ambience of your garden and allows a more useable nighttime space.
  8. Set the scene with lifestyle ‘props’. Potential buyers will visualise their new garden and see how functional the space can be with additions such as a BBQ, outdoor seating, play area, veggie patch or greenhouse.
  9. Water features and fountains can be a great way to set the ‘relaxing/homely’ scene, as well as masking any background noise from nearby roads.
  10. Swimming pools can be a massive deterrent due to maintenance, high costs and a risk factor for families with small children.

Not only is there an increased monetary value to your property following a design and build project, but we believe in the value it brings to you and your family living in it. Whether you decide to move or stay put, you’ll add value either way.

Get in touch today to find out how we could help you increase your property value through our design and build offering.