What does your garden say about you?

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Like the interior of our homes, our gardens can say a lot about who we are, reflecting our personality, style, likes and dislikes. Here are just some of the garden personalities we come across in our line of work…

The Foodie
Keen to get stuck in and relish the food journey from seed to plate, the Foodie gardener takes huge pleasure in growing their own fruit and veg. Think fragrant herb gardens, jam-packed veg patches and a well-used glasshouse. Read more about the Foodie.

The Busy Bee
A time-poor garden owner who would love to spend more time outside to enjoy their garden. They seek low maintenance and a simple design approach. Find out more about the Busy Bee gardener.

The Mindful Master
Looking for a serene outdoor space for their mental wellbeing. They seek sensory planting and hidden areas for the perfect place to disconnect, meditate, read or just ‘be’. Read more about the Mindful Master.

The Social Butterfly
A vibrant entertainer with a garden to match. They love hosting and invest in extravagant garden features such as the outdoor kitchen, built-in garden sound system and trusty heating to ensure year-round enjoyment. Read on to find out more about the Social Butterfly.

The Playful Parent
A fun-loving parent who believes in the power of outdoor play to engage, enrich and grow tiny minds. They heartily promote an outdoorsy way of life and want their gardens to encourage fun for all the family. Read more about the Playful Parent.

In our line of work, it’s the garden designer’s job to get to know the client, take a good, clear brief and understand the client’s character to design a suitable outdoor space. If you’re interested in a design consultation to create a garden to suit your lifestyle needs and desires, please get in touch to find out more. We’d love to meet you!