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Many people, whether intentionally or not, will have a garden that reflects their personality or family dynamic. The Playful Parent, Social Butterfly, Foodie, Mindfulness Master, or Busy Bee, are just a few of the different types of personalities that can be beautifully mirrored in people’s gardens.

The Playful Parent has a clear focus to create a fun and engaging space for the children (and adults) to enjoy gardening and the great outdoors. They’re often outdoorsy people who value the real benefits of being outside; the fresh air, extensive exploration, being close to nature, risk-taking and fun and games. They want an engaging, safe space for their children to enjoy, a place for the imagination to have no bounds and a distraction from screen time.

In an article by The Guardian, Lucy Hellier, Learning Project Manager, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT), said: “Young kids that learn and play outside get direct experience of weather and the seasons and wildlife – things that are only possible outdoors – and they get to assess risks, solve problems and develop creativity.”

Whether the garden features a treehouse hideout, willow wigwam or rubber mulch play area, there’s sure to be something to tempt all young members of the family outdoors while ensuring there’s a suitable area for adults to keep a watchful eye and enjoy the garden for themselves.

If you’re a playful parent looking to transform your garden into a fun-for-all-the-family space, get in touch – we’d love to brainstorm some ideas and help you achieve your vision.