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Our gardens can be so much more than an outdoor space. They can be a part of our home with a bountiful personality that reflects our character and family identity. Your garden can work hard for you and meet your passions and needs. Whether you’re a Social ButterflyPlayful Parent, Busy Bee, Foodie or Mindful Master, you can create the perfect outdoor space for you.

Gardening is more and more becoming the go-to mindfulness retreat. Tom Smart, Gardening Journalist, The Guardian, said in a mindfulness blog post: “Gardening and mindfulness seem like a perfect match. There are so many aspects of modern life which people seem to disconnect from – long monotone office meetings, spreadsheet filled computer screens, cramped train rides or traffic jams.

“If you want something that reconnects you to the world around you, which makes you more mindful of the present moment, then look no further than the green grass beneath your feet. You really won’t find a better meditation mat.”

The Mindful Master is looking for a tranquil outdoor space for peace and quiet; an area to practice yoga or meditation, curl up with a good book or seek-out some solitude. They are in touch with their mental wellbeing and are willing to invest in it.

This more introverted gardener is likely to warm to a scheme that incorporates hiding places for retreat and often takes pleasure from the therapeutic activity of tending to the garden itself. A water feature, thought-provoking sculpture and sensory planting, such as a soothing scented lavender, and tall grasses to create sound in the breeze, like Miscanthus, are likely to make an appearance in this garden scheme for an oasis of calm.

If you crave an outdoor retreat that can fulfil your mindfulness needs, contact us for a consultation with one of our experienced landscape designers.