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You don’t have to love gardening or have the time for it, to enjoy your own outdoor space. It just means you need to be savvy with your space and design, by keeping it low maintenance and structured.

The Busy Bee would love nothing more than to get out in the garden – just to stop and take stock. Time poor, this garden owner very likely has a demanding work schedule, family commitments and hobbies, limiting their time to get green-fingered and nurture their outdoor space.

They need a design with straight, clean lines, structural evergreen block planting, bark mulched borders, to keep weeds at bay, and an irrigation system to avoid any demands of watering when the British weather decides to turn! Expanses of terrace or lawn (possibly artificial) keep time-consuming maintenance of borders to a minimum.

In an article by Bunny Guinness, Gardening Journalist, The Telegraph, she gives useful gardening tips for busy people: “Success on the sports field takes hard work, and it’s the same in the garden. For those with full-time jobs, children and other commitments, a bit more skill is needed to get results.”

If you would like a garden that is skillfully designed to meet your needs, get in touch to book a consultation to discuss your unique requirements – we’re always excited to brainstorm the next potential project. Whether you’re a Busy Bee, Foodie, Playful Parent, Social Butterfly or Mindful Master, our team is experienced in delivering quality, garden designs to meet your needs.