Top five screening ideas for your garden

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Isola Garden Design’s top tips to keep prying eyes out of your garden

Our outdoor space is as much ours as the inside of our home. Just as we want our internal space to be secure and private, our garden should feel ‘our own’ too.

Yet, for most of us, keeping nosey neighbours prying eyes out of our garden can be frustrating and tricky. But with our cunning suggestions, we hope you’ll be able to enjoy some solitude and privacy – depending on the solution, it could be just in time for the summer months.

1. Canopy

If neighbouring houses leave your garden overlooked, canopies are a great way to give you privacy from those above ground level. You can be as creative as you want and decorate wooden structures or pergolas with climbers, beautiful fabrics, a waterproof sail with some twinkly lights or a roof for shelter. Alternatively, a parasol or roof-form trees are a unique canopy solution that create a real statement.

2. Keep it green

Trees, hedging and bamboo are great for a more natural screening option. Plant screens have heaps of benefits – they look beautiful and natural, provide birds and insects with a home, can be fantastic sound barriers, and are a great way to get around restricted fence height regulations. If budget allows, evergreen standard or pleached trees, such as Ilex ‘Nellie Stevens’ or Quercus Ilex, will provide excellent and attractive screening all year round. Instant screening can be achieved with a sizeable financial outlay, however, with a more modest spend patience will be required while your screening grows.

3. Traditional fencing

Fencing needs to be carefully researched and thought through to avoid neighbour disputes. You’ll need to make sure you follow allowable heights and distance restrictions. Natural fences like hazel hurdles or a living willow can look beautifully rustic in a countryside setting. Adding wooden or wirework trellis to an existing wall can give greater privacy and look fabulous when trained with climbers to create a green screen. For something a little more contemporary, slatted cedar screening provides an aesthetically pleasing backdrop and privacy solution to your lifestyle space.

4. Metal screens

Depending on the style of your garden and the look you’re going for, metal screens can be the perfect way to gain privacy while creating a statement. From corten steel walls to decorative panels in a wide range of patterns, metal screen planters to architectural wire mesh, there’s heaps of choice so jump on Pinterest for some inspiration!

5. Reuse and upcycle

If you like to put your own stamp on things, upcycling is a great way to be creative while looking out for the planet and pinching the pennies. You can use anything from old crates, doors, pallets and more! What looks like a piece of junk can be dramatically improved with a lick of paint, some hanging pots and climbers. Car boots and refuse centres are a great place to find some inspiration, so if you’re after a new project this could be the one for you!

If you’re looking for a complete garden shake-up and would like to find out more about our design and build offering, get in touch to see how we could help you transform your outside space.