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The Foodie is a keen kitchen-gardener and a lover of cooking with fresh produce. They enjoy growing and nurturing in their very own outdoor space. Fully embracing the trend for the homegrown they take great pleasure in the seed-to-plate journey.

Consumers are wanting more organic produce. The fast-growing Vegan movement has risen by more than 360 per cent in the last decade. Rising food prices have no doubt contributed to a resurgence in grow-your-own.

A focus on edible plants means this hands-on individual is likely to enjoy fragrant herb borders and well-stocked vegetable patches. Picture a glasshouse in some area of the garden with pathways to reach all garden beds.

The Foodie is happy to feel the soil under their nails and put their back into their efforts. They grow the best spuds to serve up at Sunday lunch and are less concerned by a highly manicured, structured outdoor space.

Fruit and vegetables are not only grown for taste and nutrition but can be a beautiful alternative to non-edible border plants. They provide visually pleasing displays all year round.

If you need a helping hand to achieve your ideal outdoor foodie-haven, or alternatively you’re more of a Playful Parent, Busy Bee, Social Butterfly or Mindful Master, get in touch for a consultation. We’re always eager to hear your fabulous ideas.