Alt - How to care for your new lawn

How to care for your new lawn


So, you’ve invested in a newly laid lawn and it looks fresh, healthy and green, but how do you keep it that way? Here’s Isola’s top tips to ensure you and your grass stay happy.

Hold off on trampling

Your newly turfed lawn should be able to cope with light roaming after 3-4 weeks, but it won’t be ready to host a garden party until it’s been established for at least 6-8 weeks. The longer you leave it, the stronger it will grow.

Give the mower a holiday

Your new lawn requires time to establish its roots firmly into the soil before its first cut. We recommend waiting about 3-4 weeks before giving it a gentle mow. Don’t remove more than a third of the grass height at any one time to avoid stressing the turf.

Quench its thirst

Turf must be kept moist, but not saturated. Turf laid in autumn, winter and early spring will generally be easier to manage with natural rainfall. Newly laid turf in summer must be kept well-watered with a hosepipe and an oscillating sprinkler. It’s best to water daily, in the early morning, when the water is more likely to soak in.

Keep up the nutrients

The optimum time to fertilise your lawn is in the late spring to provide it with enough nutrients to see it through to autumn. We would recommend using a reputable lawn care company, on a regular basis, for a professional result.

Taking care of your lawn throughout the year needn’t be daunting, so we’ve put together some invaluable lawn tips to help you keep your grass looking and feeling its best.

We offer all our garden design and build client’s a tailored aftercare service which includes caring for your new lawn to keep it at its best. It can be a nerve-wracking time following the installation of your new garden so we’re here to help you keep it in full health. Simply call us to find out more…