Autumn Shutdown
Isola | 30 April

Autumn is a beautiful season, rich in texture and vibrant colours, and a crucial time for the avid gardener to get winter-ready by preparing the garden carefully.

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Lawn Tips
Isola | 30 April

Isola Garden Design shares their top tips to keep your blades healthy and green.

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What does your garden say about you?
Isola | 6 November

Like the interior of our homes, our gardens can say a lot about who we are, reflecting our personality, style, likes and dislikes.

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The Foodie
Isola | 5 November

This keen kitchen-gardener is a lover of cooking with fresh produce, grown and nurtured in their very own outdoor space…

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The Busy Bee
Isola | 4 November

You don’t have to love gardening or have the time for it, to enjoy your own outdoor space.

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The Social Butterfly
Isola | 3 November

A garden can tell us a lot about a person, you might be a Social Butterfly and your garden will probably reflect this…

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The Playful Parent
Isola | 2 November

Many people, whether intentionally or not, will have a garden that reflects their personality or family dynamic.

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The Mindful Master
Isola | 1 November

The Mindful Master is looking for a tranquil outdoor space for peace and quiet. They are in touch with their mental wellbeing and are willing to invest in it…

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