12 ways to make Christmas décor using your garden

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Make the most of your festive sprigs this Christmas

You needn’t go overboard on shop-bought decorations to make your home joyful this season. Open your back door, have a little forage in the garden and get creative. There’s nothing like making your very own decorations and the simpler, the better.

1. Forage for foliage

Collect green foliage from the garden to give mantelpieces, fireplaces and sideboards some natural charm. Pair up hefty green foliage with festive, velvet ribbons and add bunches around the house in baskets and crates.

2. Boughs, branches and twigs

A bare branch in a vase or pot can look beautifully rustic – hang dainty decorations from it or spray leaves with metallic paint or glitter to give it some festive sparkle. If you prefer a more minimalist look than your traditional evergreens, then venture into bare winter branches or lichen-covered twigs. Arrange in moss-covered oasis foam or hang from the ceiling and decorate with simple baubles or paper decorations. Depending on space, a leafy tree bough hung over the dining table can bring the outside in this Christmas – hang simple tea light lanterns or baubles for a sparkly vibe.

Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels
3. Glass holders

Reuse jam jars, unusual spirit bottles and glass milk bottles, filled with tall candles and mixed foliage from the garden. Add festive ribbon or garden twine (depending on your style) to add more interest. Mini lights can add a magical twinkle to dark nights and mornings.

4. The Holly and the Ivy

Holly and Ivy are ideal for chimneypieces and can add real wow-factor. Add candles, lights, lemons and oranges (dry some for a beautiful citric scent) or leave as they are. Little sprigs above picture frames are a simple way to add a festive feel to any room, or garnish simply wrapped presents with some gardening twine for a rustic touch.

5. Natural pinecones

Hang on trees, display on wreaths or pile them up in bowls – keep them plain, paint them or glitter them up! One of natures simple delights that last for years.

6. Simply Eucalyptus

Make stunning garlands for bannisters or fireplaces – especially when you add some delicate fairy lights for a more whimsical feel. A hint of eucalyptus added to hanging decorations such as wire stars and hearts add a delicate touch of nature to the festivities.

Photo by Diana Schröder-Bode on Unsplash
7. DIY Wreath

There’s nothing like making your door wreath from your very own garden foraging. Keep it simple with holly or fir, pack with colourful mixed leaves from the garden and add extras like pinecones, dried fruits, tree decorations and ribbons. Invite your friends and family round for an afternoon of wreath making.

8. Table centrepieces

Gloches, cake stands and vases filled with an array of mixed decorations and foliage can make a stunning centrepiece to a large dining table. If you want to go to town, get the metallic spray out on some fruit, leaves and sprigs for table setting name cards.

9. Romantic roses

If you’re lucky enough to have some roses in the garden still, then cut a few to add colour for table decoration – place in vintage glasses or etched glass bowls, sit alongside tea lights for a romantic touch.

10. Hang festive shapes

Hazel twigs and freshly cut willow is ideal for shaping into heart shapes or stars – use gardening wire or twine to hold in place. Hang on your door for a different take on the wreath, hang on walls, stand on shelves or fireplace. You can spruce them up with ribbons, tiny foliage or decorations or leave them plain for an effortless and chic look.

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash
11. Traditional rosemary

Rosemary has been a part of Christmas for centuries. It can add a beautiful delicate scent to your home – particularly when hung next to open fires with the heat, helping them release their fragrance. Long stems can make pretty little wreaths and, small sprigs can be beautiful for table decorations. Don’t over harvest though as you could slow spring growth.

12. Mistletoe

You know what to do. Hang and pucker up.

From all of us at Isola Garden Design, Merry Christmas! We hope you have a joyful festive season.